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Event Registration, Payment & Information

Thanks for being a part of the transformation! (Choose 'buy now' or follow other payment information to register for each event.)

A Fire in the Heart - Your Neptune Nature & Pele Consciousness
A Channeling Experience co-facilitated with Rev. Debra Huelsebusch

In this Deep Wisdom workshop we will dialogue and play with Neptune and Pele, two fiery, fierce and friendly energies who share information about and assist with:
- Attuning to New Earth and Galactic frequencies
- Harnessing the forces of the divine feminine and new masculine for powerful and positive change (personal & planetary)
- Heart activation to clear the path for greater mental and emotional vibrancy
- Practical ways to ease the transcending of 3-D reality and deepen compassion and creativity
- Increasing vital, everyday energy as you express your innate inner truths

There will be a Q&A session and an opportunity to receive a personal, channeled messages

When: Sun., April 21st, 4-6pm
Where: A.R.E. Center of NYC, 241 W. 30th St., 2nd fl, NYC 10001
Your Investment: $25 in advance / $30 at the door
Registration: Register and pay via Pay Pal to joemonkman@gmail.com

E-X-P-A-N-S-I-O-N Sessions

Focused on attuning your consciousness to the New Earth energies and designed to help you align more fully with your passionate purpose (in your career, relationships, philanthropy, etc.), these 30-minute, laser-like phone sessions incorporate guided visualization, channeled messages, and other co-creative and spontaneous Awareness Processes. You'll cut through mental and emotional clutter, learn to recognize habitual 'wishful thinking', deal with reality from a heart-centered space, and uncover and break through limiting ancestral and historical patterns in areas such as finances and self-worth.  When: April 1st - June 1st, 2013
Your Investment: $75 per 30-minute session - or -  $200 for 3 pre-paid sessions. (Payable via Pay Pal to joemonkman@gmail.com)


The Digging Deeper Intensive 

"You can't take your same old self into a bright new future." - Chris Brady 

The Digging Deeper Intensive is a co-creative program designed to help individuals: 

- Get in touch with and fulfill their deepest desires
- Move beyond habitual distractions and limiting patterns
- Align passion with purpose
- Take positive (and possibly radical) action with measurable results
- Activate cellular (soul) memories
- Trust their insight and intuition

Here's what you get:

* 8.5 hours of personalized, Creative Awareness Sessions - Each weekly, 60-minute, collaborative, one-on-one coaching session (and a 30-minute follow-up after week 8) incorporates my 22 years of practice and facilitation in the areas of Shamanism, Intuitive Development, Meditation and Polarity Therapy.

* Intention Setting - Get clear about what is under the surface and discover what you are called to activate and address. Together we'll create a safe, sacred and supportive environment for you to explore your thoughts and feelings, and to get in touch with what your body may be telling you.

* As each session builds upon your intention you'll learn to:
- Embrace your fears
- Listen to and trust your heart
- Speak your truth from a place of deep wisdom
- Reclaim, and live in, your full authority

* Digging Deeper Invitations - Opportunities for follow-through between each week's call - reading, creating a ritual, or participating in an out-of-the-box activity that stretches you and adds insight into your process.

* A final, 30-minute session - which takes place two weeks after week 8 - is designed for you to deepen your listening, evaluate your 10-week journey, and answer the question 'What's the Next Step?'

When: Start Digging Deeper NOW!
On the phone
What to Bring to Each Call:
A notebook and pen, water
Your Investment:
$800 payable in full before the start of the program via the payment button below - or - make two payments of $400 (due before Week #1 and Week #4)
Register by emailing joemonkman@earthspiritworks.com


Into the Light: Developing Higher Consciousness, Psychic Intuition and Our Natural Healing Abilities
An LGBT retreat co-facilitated with James Philip (founder of Celestial Earth & resident faculty at London's Triyoga) at Easton Mountain Retreat Center, April 26-28, 2013

As we become more conscious of our multi-dimensionality, we may freely claim our unique place in the world and stand fully in our authority. That consciousness also enhances our connection to the invisible, mystical realm, allowing us to receive guidance that can help us to further transform our lives and create positive personal and global change. In this intriguing, playful weekend retreat, designed specifically for the LGBT community, we:

- Practice new intuition and mediumship skills
- Build our Intuitive Trust Fund and release self-doubt
- Take part in a Shamanic Fire Ceremony to activate cellular and soul memories
- Use the classic Shaman's Journey to deepen our relationship with spiritual allies, guides and power animals
- Receive transformational healing and channeled guidance that can be used to enhance the well-being of our communities and the planet

James Philip and Joe Monkman blend their life work, bringing together ancient shamanic techniques with contemporary energy meditations, spiritual healing, channeled guidance, and psychic intuition training. Learn more about James by visiting his web site, celestialearth.org.

When: Fri., April 26 - Sun., April 28, 2013
Where: Easton Mountain Retreat Center , Greenwich, NY
What to Bring: A rattle or drum, a palm-size stone, a bandana, notebook and pen, clothes suitable for outdoors
Registration: Contact Easton Mountain Retreat Center at 800.553.8235 or 518.692.8023 or visit the Easton Mountain web site

Shamanic Candlelight Fire Ceremony

 Join us for an ancient, uplifting ceremony of transformation, purification and renewal held throughout the US.

Honor and celebrate your self as you humbly and gratefully release the bonds of the past, embrace the positive abundance of the future, and boldly step further into your true nature. Let your soul soar as we gather to experience the healing and ecstatic energies of fire and allow it to help us see ourselves and the world in a new light.  Drumming, rattling and singing to your heart's content is highly encouraged. 

There will be time given for processing of intentions at the beginning of the evening.

When: Sat., April 20th, 7-10:30pm 
Jeanette Stoner Studio, 83 Leonard St., #5 (between Church & Broadway), NYC
What to Bring: A rattle or drum, a birthday cake candle, an intention for transformation to share with the group
Registration and Information:  Use the Buy Now button below to reserve your space and pay via PayPal.   Contact Joe if you have questions.
Your Investment: PRE-PAYMENT NOW REQUIRED $50 USD via PayPal link below  (No admittance without payment. No refunds for cancellations less than one week before event date.)

IMPORTANT! Please download the Fire Ceremony Preparation Sheet and review it before the event.